Each year, Hollywood celebrates the best performances in motion pictures at the Oscars. This year, we will celebrate the worst ethics violations in the legal profession at the Ethys. The festivities will be hosted by legal humorist Sean Carter, who will announce this year's winners of the coveted Ethy for Best Original Excuse, Least Competent in a Legal Representation, Most Over-Animated Courtroom Outburst, a special Lifetime Achievement Award and so much more. In the process of recapping some of the most egregious instances of unethical behavior, Mr. Carter will demonstrate how the rest of us can avoid more common ethical violations.

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Seminar Date:
October 02, 2014
Ethics with Sean Carter: The Ethys Awards - 2014 Edition
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Sean Carter Esq.   [ view bio ]
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Monroe County Bar Center for Education
Ethics Credits: 2.00
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