Join us for what promises to be an enlightening and educational program moderated by Duwaine Bascoe, Esq., that examines the history of racial inequity in our health care systems, current racial inequities in delivery of health care, and solutions for the future. A panel of regional and nationally recognized experts will discuss the following topics: Dr. Daryll Dykes - Dr. Dykes, the Chief Diversity Officer at Upstate Medical Center, who also has a J.D.,will discuss the historical framework of health disparities from a legal and regulatory perspective. Melanie Funchess - Ms. Funchess, Director of Community Engagement for the Mental Health Association of Rochester/ Monroe County, will discuss historical and system-based trauma that create and contribute to health disparities and their traumatic impact on mental health of communities of color, including how these traumas contribute to distrust of health care systems. Wade Norwood - Mr. Norwood, CEO of Common Ground Health, will discuss the history of racism in delivery of health care and its relationship to education, housing and employment. Dr. Mahala Schlagman - Dr. Schlagman will discuss her experiences and observations of health disparities locally including how historical oppression can influence individual choices surrounding the COVID vaccine. She will also discuss work being done toward institutional change through multi-sector partnerships. Shane Wiegand - Mr. Wiegand, a community advocate, will address the local history that contributed to racial inequity in delivery of health care, including redlining. After each panelist speaks there will be a period of panel discussion and a Q and A with audience members

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February 03, 2021
Racial Disparities in Healthcare: History, Causes & Effects, and Solutions
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Monroe County Bar Center for Education
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