E-filing -- the mysterious process in which documents disappear into the ether and then suddenly are "served" to your "portal" -- has driven Monroe County Bar Association members to hell and back during the last six months. How to file, when to file, confirming filing, keep tracking of what's filed: the inquiries have been voluminous. Even usually reliable paralegals and administrative staff have too often been stumped. We have a panel to save your legal souls, prevent e-filing anxiety and show you the road to e-filing Paradise. The panel will present a "how-to" lesson, confirm the details of the system, provide guidance on proper use of the system and how it impacts litigants and their attorneys, including a discussion of how pro se litigants participate.

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December 01, 2020
E-Filing: From Hell and Back
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Hon. Richard A. Dollinger  [ view bio ]
Rachel Rock  [ view bio ]
Cynthia Snodgrass  [ view bio ]
Nicholas Sprague  [ view bio ]
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Monroe County Bar Center for Education
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