Ever wonder what goes on in the other room when you are immersed in mediation? The mediator walks back and forth between rooms filled with litigants and their lawyers. The mediator chats up the case, attempts to sooth apprehensions of the litigants and push the parties to resolution. Wonder how they do it? We have a panel to share some - but not all -- of their secrets. Retired Supreme Court Justice Robert J. Lunn of the Appellate Division, Fourth Department; Retired Justice Thomas A. Stander from the 7th Judicial District’s Commercial Court; and retired Town Brighton Justice James E. Morris have decades of experience resolving cases through the art of mediation. Adrian J. Burke is the 7th Judicial District’s court-appointed mediator and he will moderate the program.

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November 10, 2020
What Goes on in the Other Room? The Mysteries of Mediation - Explained
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Adrian J. Burke
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