Determining the value of a business requires careful attention to documentary evidence, expert opinions, and legal standards. This program will cover the questions and concerns that frequently arise when parties can't agree on what a business is worth, such as deciding which valuation approach to use, performing an effective financial review, and coordinating multiple experts. We will discuss “pre-COVID-19” and “post-COVID-19” considerations and the impact of the current economic environment on business valuations

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
June 25, 2020
Business Valuation in Litigation
Speaker Information
Hon. Richard A. Dollinger   [ view bio ]
Brian C. Hedges, CPA, CFE, CVA   [ view bio ]
Jeremy M. Sher, Esq.   [ view bio ]
Michael Tota. CPA, CVA, MBA   [ view bio ]
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Monroe County Bar Center for Education
Professional Practice Credits: 2.00
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