How comfortable are you with working capital concepts in M&A transactions? In a due diligence review of a company's financial statements, can you identify and recognize working capital issues? How well can you address working capital issues when drafting transaction agreements? How should working capital adjustments be structured? This program seeks answers to those questions and more by discussing issues related to working capital in the transactional setting. In particular, the program will touch on the following topics: * Vocabulary of terms * Typical working capital adjustments and considerations * Financial statements due diligence with an eye toward identifying working capital issues, and drafting for them accordingly in the governing documents * Industry specific considerations that may affect purchase price adjustments * A discussion of traps for the unwary

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
January 30, 2020
Accounting for Attorneys: A Working Knowledge of Working Capital
Speaker Information
Daniel W. Collins Esq.   [ view bio ]
Gregg Coughlin, Esq.   [ view bio ]
Brian Hedges, Esq.   [ view bio ]
Jon C. Lazenby, Esq.   [ view bio ]
Individual topic purchase: Selected
Monroe County Bar Center for Education
New York (Skills): 2.00
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